EDUCATION- University of South Carolina 1992

2016-Artspace 506, 'Passages', May 5-July 2. www.artspace506.com
2015-ArtSpectrum Miami, booth 804
2014- Artisphere, Greenville, SC
2013-The Corrigan Gallery, Charleston, SC
Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Atlanta, GA
2012- Donna Gordon Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL.
2011- Mainsail Art Festival, St. Petersburg, FL.
2010- Boardwalk Art Show, Va. Beach, VA.

STATEMENT- Gaston Locklear's goal is to create art that has a strong physical and emotional presence. Locklear achieves this by incorporating found materials into his work. Weathered plywood, rusted sheets of tin, roofing tar, or any material that has already 'served its purpose' can be found in Locklear's art. The organic textures, shapes and colors formed over time on the varying materials gives the artwork a human quality that connects with the viewer.